30 quick and easy recipes

Quick and tasty recipes make life easier for us in those days when we do everything running, and we do not have a minute to rest.

Considering the typical life in today's cities, it seems to me that The need for fast food recipes is about to become a human right. That said, I raise my glass (yes, I'm drinking wine to inspire me while I write), in tribute to all the office workers who fall asleep late for preparing easy meals to take the next day to work, for all the moms who fall asleep late because They stay ahead of the family lunch, and others affected by the need for simple recipes. Health.

Going back to the main topic of fast cooking, I'm sure I've written more than once that easy cooking is not antonym for a tasty meal. On the contrary, the trick is to identify good preparations, which in addition to cooking in a short time are rich, nutritious, and obviously, simple.

Quick cooking recipes

Quick recipes and easy recipes go hand in hand. In the life of Comedera.com , and following our philosophy of simple recipes, we have published a good amount of delicious meals that are cooked in record time.

Next , a list that groups several of my favorite dishes: fast foods, easy recipes, and many nice ingredients.

To visualize the preparation of each dish, you just have to click on its title or photo.


creamy scrambled eggs Scrambled eggs: almost nothing can be prepared faster than this dish. A single main ingredient, spices, fat, whatever you want to add to give flavor, and one or another small change according to your style. In addition, here we give useful tips to prepare the best.

zucchini cream Zucchini cream: Here we have a good list of creamy soups that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Have you already noticed? This is one of our favorites.

cream of mushrooms Cream of mushrooms: champion of easy recipes for dinner, and it will get you out of trouble when you want to impress your guests.

salad dates tangerines Salad of mandarins and dates: if we continue with the same idea of ​​impressing guests, this is another recipe that works very well, and will put on the table several ingredients that they would never have imagined. You do not either, right?

bok choi salad Arugula and apple salad: the salads carry the flag among the fast cooking recipes. Naturally, the predominance of raw ingredients subtracts many minutes to the preparation. In addition to all that, this combination of ingredients is great.

30 quick and easy recipes Fast salad dressings: even one salad that carries only lettuce, can become a delicious dish with any of these quick dressings.

recipe healthy dressing of yogurt and curry Dressing curry and yogurt: if you were not happy with all the options we gave you before, here is another one, just as fast and rich.

 White rice: the infallible Comedera.com technique shows you how to make white rice in 20 minutes. We said that the theme was quick recipes, right?Convert it to this super dish.

chaufa rice Chaufa rice: another quick recipe of rice with which you can follow the original flavors or vary from what you find in your pantry.

recipe quesadillas mexicanas Mexican Quesadillas: Mexican cuisine also has its fast but effective dishes. With the quesadillas, the time is directly related to the filling, but if you leave it in only cheese, you will have a good result in record time.

 salsa roja mexicana Mexican red sauce: a dressing for quesadillas? This is prepared very quickly!

how to make salmorejo cordobes Salmorejo from Cordova: I love summer for this type of fast and at the same time very fresh dishes.

recipe of gazpacho andaluz Andalusian gazpacho: another of the recipes easy and pampered summer cooking, which is also really nutritious.

caprese salad Caprese salad: In the same line of the hottest seasons, this quick salad is the queen of record times, and works even for the most formal dinner.

 pasta alfredo Alfredo pasta: pasta is another of those ingredients that take us out of trouble when time is scarce. With this Alfredo sauce, you'll have a quick and finger-licking dish.

ketchup cooking Tomato sauce for pasta: another way to make the most of a pasta. Cook the sauce and the pasta simultaneously, and that's it.

pasta with pesto Pasta with pesto sauce : Do you still want a quick but more refined recipe for pasta? Then this is your choice.

recipe for oatmeal pancakes Oatmeal pancakes: do you need a breakfast fast but compliant? Oatmeal pancakes are for you. These can be a prize among easy and healthy recipes.

homemade noodle soup Noodle soup : the savior in those moments when you need a hot dish with flash preparation. In addition, you can cook when there are few ingredients left in your pantry.

recipe tomato salad Salad tomato: here we have, not one, but several tomato salad recipes, for that creativity and speed do get along, and because we know you're looking for easy recipe ideas for dinner.

shrimp salad Shrimp salad: another quick salad, but without tomatoes, and with protein in its best presentation on Earth.

Chinese rice Chinese rice: did you get rice from the previous day in the refrigerator? You already know what to do with it, in a fast and tasty way.

how-to-do-salsa-boloñesa-fácil Bolognese sauce: a good pasta will always be even richer with a sauce like this, and without spending so much time in the kitchen.

quick recipes

Fast dessert recipes

Sweet quick recipes were not going to be out of our selection .I know, I always put the stomach of others first, but the truth is that I am also one of those who love having a good dessert at home at home, for cravings, but not always in the mood to spend hours in the kitchen. So here are my recommendations for quick and easy desserts, but compliant until the last spoonful.

maria cookie cake list Maria biscuit cake: this classic of family tables is the queen of fast cakes, especially since it does not have an oven. A good cream, some well-placed cookies, and already.

strawberry mousse Strawberry mousse: I love these colorful desserts that get all the attention when they are at the table. Better yet if the preparation is express.

easy homemade chocolate mousse recipe Easy chocolate mousse: Whoever says he does not always have a chocolate craving, has no heart, or has taste buds with reduced sensitivity. Here is a simple recipe for those who do have a heart.

fruit-salad Fruit salad : summery, also spring, is prepared in the blink of an eye.

how to make butter cookies Butter biscuits: If the idea is not literally to serve a dessert, but to pass and snack, this is the solution in the form of a quick and simple recipe.

 lemon sponge cake Lemon sponge cake: for rainy days, accompanied by coffee or tea, or to prepare a dessert worthy of grandma's kitchen.

If after reading this last part of our list of quick recipes, they were left with a craving for more desserts like sponge cake, I leave here the link to our note of homemade desserts, so they stay longer in the kitchen, with kilos of sugar.

While surfing the Internet, I found other easy and quick recipes that I liked. I decided to share them with you, so you can tell us how they were left.

  • Fish sandwich: Tired of the same old chicken sandwich? Try making a fish and bacon 🙂
  • Tarts with tuna and cream cheese: Very easy to make, as a starter, or as a meal while watching Netflix.
  • Stuffed oranges: Curious and simple sweet dessert that you can prepare in a very short time.
  • Gorgonzola bars: Snack of very easy preparation, you only need 4 ingredients.
  • Baked seabass: Baking is not always synonymous long waiting time until the meal is ready. A good example is to make baked fish, sea bass in this case.
  • Zucchini with corn: A delicious quick recipe of Mexican origin.
  • Oreo Smoothie: refreshing drink for those who they do not fear calories 😀
  • White wine sausages: This is one of those recipes that kids love, well me too.
  • Crab cakes: They are more well as hamburgers, and in fact they are perfect to eat with bread. Ideal for a dinner.

What are your favorite quick recipes? Share your ideas in the comments below!